About Our Company

We strongly believe in the value produced by relationships, those created by our services and those that grow between one person and another. This is central to the difference we deliver. No matter the market or the country, we’re passionate about the possibilities created through good chemistry for the benefit of our customers, our communities and, ultimately, our planet. Ultimately, it’s not just one but all of these great things, combined with great working relationships, that enable us to grow our customers’ businesses and our own. We are passionate about the possibilities created through best Services. We believe chemistry is about innovative, differentiated science – and also about the way people come together to solve problems. From the speed at which a call or an email is returned to the lengths we go to develop solutions that solve a specific customer need, good chemistry is what makes TRON different and what makes us better. That’s why TRON is one of the world’s leading chemical companies. If you find yourself with a challenge that doesn’t seem to fit within one of our businesses, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re confident that, together, we can make great things happen. TRON does things and contributes to an incredible range of products in ways you might never imagine. From chemicals to pharmaceuticals and from petrochemical to variety of chemicals, we're involved.

This is how we work, every day, around the world


Our Vision - What We Seek To Become

Our vision is to be viewed as the best quality chemical products and services company in the world.

Our Mission - Why We Are Here

We satisfy our customers by delivering results through quality chemical products and services. Our desire to grow drives our passion to win in the marketplace. With a unified, low-cost operating structure, we’ll remain competitive across every business and in every geographic region.

Our Values - Who We Are

  • 1We act with integrity and honesty.
  • 2We focus on customer and shareholder success and compete to win.
  • 3We recognize each person for the difference he or she makes.
  • 4We drive innovation and results by understanding the market and its opportunities.
  • 5We are committed to the values of responsibility, sustainability and transparency.
  • 6We create safe and health-conscious work environments, require compliance and embrace environmental stewardship.

Our Operating Principles - How We Work

  • 1We operate in compliance with the law and adhere to high ethical standards.
  • 2We assess the impact on customers and society when making decisions.
  • 3We are externally focused. Our businesses are defined by markets.
  • 4We are process-centered. Our processes are designed to optimize global performance.
  • 5TRON leaders are first responsible to TRON and second to a business, resource group or process.
  • 6We are led by an Executive Committee that enforces our principles, sets our strategy and manages our capital.
  • 7We are united by our common vision, mission, values and operating principles.

That innovation is driven by good service between TRON and our customers and suppliers.. It sparks ideas and produces answers. How we listen to our customers, study the trends in the marketplace and find the ideal solutions. We're not afraid to alter our way of thinking and, in the process, think of something entirely new. That's what innovation is all about.

Ideas are great things, but getting from inspiration to innovation is where we cross the line to helping make the world a better place.

Abiding by conventional wisdom is all about doing what you've always done. We're not satisfied with that and our customers aren't. It's our differentiator.

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